Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Trump Has My Vote

Dear Friends and Family (particularly my Mormon Friends and Family),

This election year, I (like you) have been completely distressed. I could not believe how far our country had fallen that there was not even a candidate to stand behind. I have laid awake at night terrified for the future of my children and begging the Lord for peace. And I wasn’t finding it.

Then…finally…finally, I came across this video:

The video asserts that no matter what the outcome of the election is, God is in control. And if He is, then the only thing we are responsible for doing is making the best possible choice and leaving it to God to handle the rest. The spirit testified to me that this video was true. And for the very first time since Trump was made the Republican candidate, I felt peace. Real peace. 

The video is put together by those supporting Evan McMullin. And because I had already researched McMullin (and liked what he stood for) I was determined that he was my answer for how to vote.

The next morning, I woke up and watched 2 videos and read one article: 

The Michael Moore video ( - some serious language in this one, so beware), 

Trump’s Gettysburg speech (, 

What surprised me about these videos and article is that once again, I felt the spirit testify of truth. But that truth was now rooted in Trump. What?! How was that even possible? I had settled on McMullin, why would these videos affect me like that? 

Again confused, I called my cousin. For the last few months, this cousin has been campaigning (without compensation – the Trump campaign doesn’t even know about his efforts) up to 8 hours a day for Trump. I had avoided talking to him because I didn’t want to get into an awful political debate with someone I have a close personal relationship with. 

But I needed some help. Some insight. So I called him. And I can’t even begin to describe the feeling, not only of peace, but of hope that overcame me as I listened to him speak. For the first time, I’m actually excited about this election. I have changed my vote to Trump and feel so strongly about it, that I just needed to share my feelings with you. 

Since last night, I’ve written down the concerns I took to my cousin and he (once again) has answered them for me. Everything he says is based on hard fact. When it’s not a fact, he says so. But he has researched the heck out of the election and I’ve been blown away by what he’s shared. 

I hope some of this will help you the way it helped me. 

Here are my most pressing concerns (and my cousin’s answers). I started with policies first and then got into the moral issues:


Trump wants to rebuild the military and I don’t believe in having a big military. Why would I vote to make Trump Commander in Chief over a large army?

Trump is a negotiator, this is one of his very strong and well defined characteristics. He uses an approach called “Door in the Face” or DITF. 

Wikipedia defines DITF as “The persuader attempts to convince the respondent to comply by making a large request that the respondent will most likely turn down, much like a metaphorical slamming of a door in the persuader's face. The respondent is then more likely to agree to a second, more reasonable request, than if that same request is made in isolation.”

Think back to the primaries, Trump would say things like “Ban all Muslims”. This was outrageous, he knew it, and that position was flat out rejected. So when asked to clarify his position, he offered his more reasonable approach… “We need to ban those coming from countries where ISIS is a known threat.” This type of approach was well met, and seemed reasonable and logical. However, had he started with the second position, he would have to negotiate down from it. This approach is maddening and frustrating, if you don’t know what his approach is. But once you do, I promise it is very interesting to watch it play out.

Contrast this to a politician, who works the other way, promising free health care, free education, free, free, free. …And yet nothing gets done. Or, if it does, it is a very awful version of what was promised, ie. Obamacare

So what does this have to do with the military? Theodore Roosevelt said speak softly, and carry a big stick." Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as "the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis”. Trump has echoed this in wanting a strong military that is also streamlined. Trump has said things to the effect of “the Generals don't know what they’re doing”. In essence he is right. Here is why. Obama purged the military of Generals who disagreed with his approach, in essence creating an echo chamber for “Obamas Way” or the highway. This type of leadership is more of a characteristic of an authoritarian than one who presides. Trump’s plan is what the Generals come up with, allowing all the Generals to openly voice their approach rather than try to come up with what they think Trump or the American people want to hear. Trump has further stated that the final plan to deal with ISIS will most likely be a hybridization of multiple ideas. This is sound judgement.

Contrast this with Bush who attacked Iraq, Clinton who attacked Iraq, Bush Jr, who attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Obama and his secret drone strikes, Libya, Syria, failed Iraq war. Trump does not want to go to war like the Oligarchy who has defined American leadership for the past 28 years. Trump has repeatedly stated “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along with Russia?” Seriously wouldn't it? Why do we have to be at odds with Russia? It makes no sense. 

Finally NATO. Trump has said that he would pull us out of NATO if other countries didn't start paying their fair share and that they have become outdated in that have no mission or purpose. This is a classic DITF technique. Since his position of declaring that we would pull out of NATO, NATO has added terrorism to their mission. (WOW Trump is already making changes) Furthermore, Trump will be able to renegotiate the terms of NATO, and work out a plan to collect past monies owed. Something a politician would simply forgive, or excuse (it’s not their money).

What about his immigration policies? I think people should be allowed to come to this country. The Mormon Church even put out a statement disagreeing with his view on keeping Muslims out of this country. And what about refugees? They need somewhere to go. 

Immigration is a funny issue because people typically don't have a firm view for or against it. They really don't mind it as long as it doesn't affect them. There is a video on youtube, just search “immigration gumballs” 3.4 million views. ( It is a NON partisan explanation of what immigration is, and does for us and what it does to others. IT IS FASCINATING. REALLY WATCH IT. 

The LDS Church has taken the approach outlined in this video as a result of a natural progression of events. It used to be that BYU (the church) would admit as many as possible from around the world. This became harder and harder to provide services that were in high demand. So the church came up with the “Perpetual Education Fund”. Essentially taking the education to the people. The church also does this with Missionary Training Centers and now is having more missionaries (not all) serve their own people rather than sending them abroad.

The refugees are in a tough situation. I can't tell you how many people I hear say things like “I would host a refugee family in a heartbeat!” No, you wouldn’t. Let that sink in for a minute. Here is the proof. How many homeless people living in the United States do you have living with you right now? I rest my case. Europe has tried to bring in as many refugees as possible… what has happened to Europe is shocking. Rape, murder, crime, civil unrest. You can see a video on this called, “The Snake”. 

These refugees come from a part of the world that, socially, is very incompatible with European and western culture. It is hard on them, it is hard on us. Finally why would we want to import a nation of people who are not willing to fight for their own country? Trump’s solution to this crisis, is to create “safe zones” while ISIS is defeated.

Why should we build a wall? It seems extreme.

Walls work. Israel was having suicide bombers almost daily. Then they built a wall. Guess what? Yep, no more suicide bombers. Did you know that Obama (you) paid $75 million dollars to build for Mexico on their southern border? Yes, walls work. Our pros (border patrol) all agree that we need to be able to secure our border, and a wall is a force multiplier. The wall will be cheap ($20-30 billion) compared to the $113 billion a year spent housing, and taking care of the medical and educational needs of the illegals in this country. The wall also isn't just a physical barrier, it is also policy that can prevent people from coming to the US illegally. We want to have a great country, for every citizen. Most importantly, we also want a functional metaphorical bridge into our country that allows us to bring in immigrants that are vetted properly, and fix our immigration system that is outdated and dysfunctional.

I think Trump is a self-indulgent, power-hungry, bigot.

Trump has, for a long time, wanted to make our country work, for everyone. He has been saying the same things since the 80s. He has also repeatedly said I don't want to do it. “It’s a mean life.” Not giving up, Trump has contributed to many people he thought would be that agent of change that the country needed. Only to be disappointed with the result of their stewardship. So, tired of seeing the incompetence, he has put off his comfy life to be humiliated, attacked, disparaged, ridiculed, and hated to try to serve the country that he truly does love so much. Trump isn't running for himself, he is running for you, and for your children. He doesn't need this, we do. Trump had 0 sexual assault accusers up until he told Hillary she was going to jail in the second debate. Within 2 days almost 10 women were claiming some impropriety by Trump. How does a billionaire surrounded by gorgeous women have no claims against him up until that point? Did all these women meet in a park and plan their day of vengeance? No. The NY Times article had many liberties taken. One of the women came out and said they lied about what she said. Another woman claimed that Trump was “all over her like an octopus” (this story is almost verbatim a story told in 2014 in the UK). Another said she felt someone brush up against her at a party in a crowd of people, and she turned and saw Trump, but he was looking in another direction. Trump is not a sex predator (unlike someone else). What about the tape of Trump bragging about being a deviant? He was posturing with another male, showing off, being, well, childish. What he said was laughed at because it was ridiculous. I just hope the private conversations I have had with people are not ever on public display, and I imagine you feel the same way.

Bigotry is impossible. Accusing someone of being intolerant of another’s views is just you being intolerant of their views. So let’s end the word bigot. Typically people say he is a bigot when referring to things like, “Trump hates Mexicans.” Trump has never said he hated any group. Hillary on the other hand… yikes! Trump has said we need to get rid of the illegals in this country. Illegals are not a race, in fact it is racist of anyone to assume that he is talking about Mexicans. He is referring to people who come from other countries from around the world, legally or illegally and now have an illegal status i.e. visa overstay etc. Trump had an “illegal” attempt to assassinate him and no, they were not Mexican. This is not a vendetta for him, it has been his position that our REPUBLIC is functional only if the rule of law is respected.

Trump is not “evil”, he is actually a good man. He is imperfect, he has made mistakes but he genuinely has a good heart, good judgment and wants to serve.

The Doctrine and Covenants gives us criteria by which we should elect our leaders. Perfection is not a criteria listed. 

98:10 Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. 

To his own detriment Trump is honest, you may not like what you hear, but he is honest about it. Trump is wise, he is 70, has much life experience, has had successes, and failures.

Trump seems like a wild card. We can’t predict what he would do if he became president.

Aren’t wild cards the best ones? Seriously though, we can predict what will happen if Hillary is elected - the same corruption will just get worse and more blatant. The horror that will be unleashed on America as a result of her being unprosecuted for the criminal acts she has committed will only embolden other criminals. Hillary is a marionette tied to her donors, special interests, etc. Trump is tied to no one, but the American people. This election was decided by the republicans and democrats long before you knew who was running. In the Wikileaks John Podesta emails there is a PowerPoint showing research that was paid for with a Jeb Bush v Hillary Clinton election. Hillary had the DNC doing her bidding, subverting Bernie and handing Hillary debate questions before debates. Jeb was supposed to be the RNC nominee. Jeb got a lion’s share of the $ from establishment republicans. Jeb spent over $150 million to get just 3 delegates. Trump spent $51 million of his own money to beat out not just Jeb, but 15 other good candidates. Then Trump forgave his campaign the $51 million (meaning any donations would not be used to repay him). The loss of Jeb for establishment republicans was devastating… thus “NEVER TRUMP” was born. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember we have a major party nominee who is not beholden to do what the establishment, or donors, or banks say. This is refreshing, I am tired of these groups putting their agenda before the people.

The Republican party has all but turned their backs on Trump. He’s not going to win. So why shouldn’t I just vote for someone who aligns more closely with me morals. That way, at least I can feel good about my vote.

Hold on right there Trump is going to win, and you need to be a part of that. Feeling good about your vote is crucial. And if you think you have chosen your candidate but are still uneasy, well that’s the spirit telling you that you have not made the right choice. McMullin is a non-candidate. He simply is not a viable option. He did not participate in the primary process by which candidates are scrutinized, debated, watched, engaged, and voted on. He might be a great guy, but we don’t really know anything about him. Did he get fired from Goldman Sachs? What did he do for the CIA? What do others that worked with him say about him? The list of questions, of which there should be a mountain asked, are not asked, and are not fact checked. McMullen has said "If I can't stop Trump and Hillary, happy to just stop Trump"... he is a NeverTrumper. Again, he might be great, or he could be horrible. McMullin should get involved in politics, but so should you. The prophets have counseled us to attend our caucus meetings, and to be actively involved in our countries government. The fact that you're even reading this is excellent. It means we have people willing to engage in and participate in our political process.

The First Presidency of the Church sent out a letter saying we needed to vote for the candidate that best represents our ideals. That’s not Trump. It’s McMullin. If I trust in the Lord, why wouldn’t I vote for McMullin even if that vote would be considered a “throw-away” vote?

Consider the safety and security of our nation as an ideal that the lord has granted us. Consider the blood that has been shed in creating and securing this free country. Consider that you may probably never have to fight physically for the security of your own freedom. Your own war may only be taking the time to really consider who to vote for.

Consider that Trump wants to maintain the sovereignty that is these United States. Trump wants to allow immigration of people who love us and want to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in innovation, job creation, and defense. Trump wants to bring manufacturing back to the United States, he wants to lower the burden of tax on everyone. He wants to remove unnecessary regulation that stifles business growth and development. 

Finally, consider that a strong, solvent, powerful, educated, safe America can export its ideals and values and help lift up others around the world. But a weak, poor, disconnected, uneducated America can do little, if nothing, to serve itself or other nations.

Trump just doesn’t seem like presidential material to me. Do I really want him representing what we are as a nation?

We have had a leader who has seemed “presidential”. He didn't do so great. It is kind of interesting to me that the “silent majority” types get pushed around by the loud minority, and typically do nothing. And now that the silent majority has someone standing up for them, they curse him, and ridicule him.

What else don’t I realize about Trump (and/or the other candidates) that should help me in making an informed decision?

He can do it, with our help. We can make America great again. One of the great devices of the adversary is division. When we are divided, we are weak, ineffectual. The division propagated by MSM sources, including smaller journalism outlets is stifling. It has caused great angst among people that otherwise get along well. We are not divided unless we choose to separate ourselves from those who share our values. The revelations coming out of the John Podesta (Chairman for Hillary Clinton for President Campaign) emails reveal a sinister underside of what is political corruption. However the corruption among the Republican establishment is just as bad… we just don't have RNC emails to show us. Our system is rigged to serve the pleasures of the elites, wall street, big corporations, and the main stream media. The RNC and DNC should not dictate to us what it means to be a conservative or a democrat. We determine that.

I personally would like to thank you for reading through this. I would encourage you, if you have any other reservations, do not go to the poison for answers. Go to

Here you will find an abundant amount of PRO-TRUMP media (yes it is biased for Trump) I can't think of an issue that is not already researched, and linked to and explored. After you have researched your reservation then I would also encourage you to go other places for verification. Remember to pray, the Spirit is there as your constant companion to guide you, to testify of TRUTH, wherever you may find it. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us. I firmly believe that God had a hand in establishing this great country. If you want to read the most excellent history of our Revolutionary war and how God played a role in the creation of this country I would HIGHLY recommend this.


Friends…the last thing my cousin said to me was this:

“As Mormons, we’ve taken such an offended, appalled view of Trump that we have not even prayed about whether or not he’s the right candidate.”

For me, it’s true. I saw him only as the “lesser of two evils”. I had to set aside my shock at his politically incorrect statements and think about what he knows, what he’s promised, and what his policies are in order to even consider he may be the best candidate after all. Once I was able to do that, I felt the truth again. And I know, without fear or turmoil who I am going to vote for. 

I believe, if you vote for McMullin…that would be a righteous decision as well. But I can more easily support someone who we know (quite literally) the very worst about. Someone who is exactly the man he portrays. Trump’s not afraid to challenge the status quo. He doesn’t hold back. He plans to shake this country up in some desperately needed ways and he’s got my vote.